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Rapid sustainable innovation

This is what we do as consultants and entrepreneurs

Making new ideas happen.  Building innovation capabilities.  Improving businesses

Turning new ideas into profits is tough – especially proposition/business model development, testing, economic analysis and figuring out channels to market. And then selling the plan to senior executives. We understand because we do it often for clients and our own ventures. Rapid progress comes from focusing on key issues, using proven processes and working hard. We know budgets can be limited, which is why we offer a range of alternatives for working together including training, seconding our experts, success fees, contracting/consulting, and JVs.



Faster results



Enduring outcomes with attractive economics and lower risks


New business models (our specialty), services, products & cost reductions

It can all start with one project…

Rapidly completing just one project:

  • Shows “what good looks like” and challenges misconceptions
  • Mobilises and upskills the team
  • Inspires the wider organisation to be more innovative
  • Builds support for the project leaders
  • Identifies improvement opportunities in innovation processes & capabilities

We speed up business model, new services, process improvement, and cost reduction projects that are stuck.

…or with improved innovation capabilities.

Many companies do not have all of the processes or capabilities needed to drive innovation – and this can be the reason why projects are slow.

We diagnose and improve companies’ innovation functions, processes and capabilities through design and hands-on implementation (e.g. through training).

This improves market competitiveness, captures early mover advantages (or catches up to competitors quickly), and secures new revenues/cost savings earlier.

And we can take this further…

to help design new ways of doing business (including new business models) that are more profitable, have less impact and risk, and deliver greater value for a range of stakeholders.


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Projects we have led

We work with clients to combine expertise

The full library of knowledge on sustainable innovation is at “The Innovator”, a resource to assist innovators

The Innovator

Most recent articles from The Innovator:

About us

We unlock business opportunities – generating new profits for our clients, partner companies and through new ventures.

We have identified billions of dollars of value for some of the world’s leading companies both through revenue growth and cost reduction – and established disruptive new startups.

Our team has decades of experience in corporate strategy (Bain, Booz), engineering (Arup, Shell), line management (Bass, Origin Energy), design, innovation, entrepreneurship (Rype Office, Rype Guides, AlumniStartups), sustainability and change management.

The first hand experience that we bring includes new business models (circular resource use, shared use, servitisation), rapid lean product/service innovation, enhanced customer propositions, resource efficiency and cleantech.

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Our sustainability

We understand the value of taking a more sustainable approach to business and therefore aim to make Lavery/Pennell as sustainable as possible across four fronts: staff wellbeing, educating others on profitable sustainable solutions, greenhouse gas emissions, and the long term future of our company.