Helping companies to become more profitable and sustainable.

As strategic advisors, we assist companies to identify and deliver big improvements in financial performance which also have social and environmental benefits.

We look beyond conventional approaches to find additional value, for example in new products & business models, non-labour resource efficiency (including remanufacturing, circular resource use, energy efficiency, waste reduction, transport efficiency and packaging optimisation), collaboration with 


suppliers to improve their efficiency and share savings, risk reduction and cleaner technologies.

We work together with clients to deliver practical, economically attractive solutions, using our experience in corporate strategy, engineering, change management and systems thinking.

Our end-to-end approach has identified billions in cost savings and new revenues for some of the world’s leading companies – as well as helping clients with their toughest sustainability challenges.


profitable sustainability explained

This video explains the value created through sustainability and how to unlock it

emerging new industrial model

Explains the profitable sustainable industrial model pioneered by Interface, Unilever and others

resource efficiency revolution

How the next manufacturing revolution will access the full potential of non-labour resource efficiency