The world is changing, creating both challenges and opportunities. We unlock the opportunities – generating new profits for our clients, partner companies and through new ventures.

We have identified billions of dollars of value through cost reduction and revenue growth – and established disruptive new startups.

Our team has decades of experience in corporate strategy (Bain, Booz), engineering (Arup, Shell), design, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and change management.


We unlock economic, social and environmental value through:

  • New business models (servitisation; circular resource use; shared use)
  • Rapid product/service innovation
  • Enhanced customer propositions (provenance; impact reduction; engagement)
  • Radical resource efficiency
  • Supply chain collaboration (suppliers; peers; customers)
  • Cleantech (renewable energy; smart systems)


emerging new industrial model

Explains the profitable sustainable industrial model pioneered by Interface, Unilever and others

profitable sustainability explained

This video explains the value created through sustainability and how to unlock it

resource efficiency revolution

How the next manufacturing revolution will access the full potential of non-labour resource efficiency