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Our sustainability

We understand the value to people, profits and the planet of taking a more sustainable approach to business and therefore aim to make Lavery/Pennell as sustainable as possible through:

  1. Staff health, safety and wellbeing, including reducing time away from our families and providing flexible career opportunities for people in different life situations
  2. Education of staff, clients, government and the business community on better solutions which address environmental and community concerns while delivering greater profits
  3. Greenhouse gas emissions and energy use reduction within our own activities
  4. Profitability of the company – without this we are unable to continue our work helping clients to develop better solutions.

Our sustainability activities include:

Staff wellbeing

  • Bicycle storage and showering facilities at our offices
  • Extensive use of videoconferencing to avoid the need for travel, where appropriate
  • Fitness activities to maintain staff health
  • Lavery Pennell supports SuitsonCycles.org, a business-friendly cycling group, and encourages staff to participate

Education on the opportunities for value creation with less impactful solutions

  • Speaking at conferences promoting the value that can be unlocked from solutions that meet the modern challenges of business, environmental and social constraints
  • Educating/training our staff to provide profitable, sustainable solutions to clients
  • Working with clients to develop profitable sustainable solutions

Greenhouse gas emissions and energy use reduction

  • Minimising our geographical footprint, by working virtually or at client sites
  • Our virtual office at 24 Greville Street, Farringdon has low energy lighting, water conservation, recycling and bicycle facilities
  • Working with clients to offset project-related travel emissions and electricity use as well as offsetting our internal travel-related emissions
  • Minimising air travel and where long distance travel is unavoidable, using rail to the extent possible
  • Utilising public and shared transport for within-city travel as much as possible
  • Working with suppliers of services, who are also trying to reduce their impact, e.g.:
    • Our webhost, 1and1, procures renewable energy for their servers
    • We use recycled paper for our business cards, copying and printing
    • We purchase food/catering services from local companies who source their ingredients locally
  • Minimising printing including through the use of double sided and multi-page formats
  • Recycling as much of our waste given the infrastructure available in the locations where we work

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