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ClimateWorks Australia design


Designed the business model and operating manual this not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to drive a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The model built on the capabilities of its supporters to give it immediate relevance and impact.

Understanding the interests of business, government and investors, ClimateWorks is trusted to be an independent, credible advisor in driving Australia’s transition to a prosperous low carbon future.

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Greg Lavery led the team which designed and conducted the ClimateWorks Australia feasibility study for the Melbourne-based Myer Foundation. The design process worked through a series of consultative steps that focussed on how philanthropy could be most effective on this important topic. We are very pleased with the result, the work and the impact that ClimateWorks continues to have. Thanks to the work of the team, ClimateWorks Australia is now Australia’s leading research organisation driving action on climate change.

David Shelmerdine

Project Sponsor, Steering Committee Chair and Myer Family member