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Interface carpets: new global innovation approach


Interface is the world’s largest carpet tile manufacturer and, led by Ray Anderson, in 1994 set a target of zero environmental impact for 2020. Looking to accelerate progress towards this target while increasing revenue, Interface engaged Lavery/Pennell to assist to streamline its global innovation processes.

Based on best practices, an innovation cycle was developed that fit with existing Interface ways of working. This included prioritisation of areas for innovation, ideation, idea collection and review, a stage gate pipeline for idea development, and global idea dissemination. Enablers were also designed, including communications, funding mechanisms, knowledge management, an annual review process, and resources required.

In its first year, the global innovation team created substantial value and drove progress towards the sustainability targets.


We worked with Lavery Pennell over a 4 month period during which time they helped Interface develop a new global open innovation approach aimed at further improving both our sustainability and business performance. The unusual combination of management consultancy and a broad understanding of sustainability was a crucial factor in their appointment. They did not disappoint.

Nigel Stansfield

VP & Chief Innovation Officer, Interface