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Rype Office business design


The Rype Office business concept was developed from Lavery/Pennell’s work on the Next Manufacturing Revolution, which identified the significant untapped value available from remanufacturing office furniture.

The business offers high quality remanufactured furniture at a significant discount to new. Environmentally, remade furniture has one third the footprint of new. And it creates skilled UK jobs because the remaking is done locally.

Lavery/Pennell built the business plan, constructed the value proposition and economic case, tested product prototypes and marketing propositions and implemented the business – all using rapid lean startup principles to minimise investment and maximise speed to market. This is one of Lavery/Pennell’s own businesses.

Rype Office  won a 2014 RBS Innovation Gateway award for being able to reduce costs and environmental footprint while providing UK jobs.

Click through to the Rype Office website.

Great idea – [there are] no reasons [why] office furniture should not be ‘refreshed’ and enjoy extended use, as the design of much of it doesn’t really change.

Addresses a problem that is not often discussed but which represents a significant cost/resource stream. Has potential to be a catalyst for [the] circular economy

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